Introducing our first COVID-19 Performance Impact report.

During this time, we are here to support our Partners. That's why, using our first-party data, we are giving you analysis and perspective on how the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting the student market globally.

If we know anything at UNiDAYS, it’s our student members. Our Gen Z audience is showing resilience, and we have seen an increase in conversions, engagements and spend per transaction, at a time when the likes of Google Shopping are seeing a downward trend in performance results.

Our report covers the latest data on our members from UKIE, Germany, France, US and ANZ markets, and will show you:
What they want from brands, what are they most concerned about, and how they are projected to increase spending power.

How they are shopping through our digital platform, and what they are buying across brand verticals, from tech to wellbeing and beauty.

How we can work with you on bespoke solutions to reach and engage our 200m verified global student member community, in the right way, delivering high-ROI campaigns and bespoke insights for your business.

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